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The Canadian National Sportfishing Foundation (CNSF) and the Canadian Sporfishing Industry Association (CSIA) are not-for-profit organizations with mandates to promote and protect recreational fishing in Canada.


To help promote recreational fishing, the CNSF created the Catch Fishing program (www.catchfishing.com) which encourages people of all ages to try recreational fishing for the first time, or for the first time in a long time.  The main promotional vehicle is National Fishing Week which is held at the beginning of July and is designed to introduce youth to fishing. From coast to coast to coast, we encourage Canadian families turn off the electronics and go fishing! For close to 20 years, we have given away thousands of rods and reels to young Canadians through National Fishing Week radio, television, and print contests.

In 2017, the CNSF assumed responsibility of administering the Kids, Cops and Canadian Tire Fishing Days program which was created by CNSF-logo-colourFishing Forever, another not-for-profit organization that promotes recreational fishing. What better way to introduce children to recreational fishing than through an event organized by local police officers. We`re proud to be part of this amazing initiative.

To help protect recreational fishing in Canada, the CSIA formed Keep Canada Fishing to bring issues of importance to the attention of anglers. We encourage everyone who loves to fish to visit www.keepcanadafishing.com and also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

We appreciate your support to help keep these important programs going and growing!


bob Bob Izumi, Owner/Partner at Izumi Outdoors Inc

I am extremely proud to be the spokesperson for Fishing Forever and Kids, Cops and Canadian Tire Fishing Days. Fishing Forever is a not-for-profit conservation organization, that was created by Bob Izumi’s Real Fishing in 2000 to act as a funding agency for worthwhile fishing, conservation and education projects. Funds, raised by anglers dedicated to the preservation of our fishing heritage, are invested to ensure sustainable fish populations for the future. As part of that mandate, in 2003 we decided to expand Fishing Forever by introducing the Kids, Cops & Canadian Tire Fishing Days program as a way for parents and other adults to establish productive and healthy relationships with children. Since its inception the programme has grown to inc

lude over 70 events annually in Ontario and across Canada, and to date almost 100,000 youngsters have been able to experience the joy of fishing. This is a true success story that would not have been possible without the ongoing support of the Police Association of Ontario, Canadian Tire and all of the hardworking volunteers who donate their time and effort to the programme.


Canadian Tire, as the country’s largest retailer of fishing equipment, is proud to be a founding partner in the Kids, Cops and Canadian Tire Fishing Days program. Research shows that childhood learning is the key to developing an adult interest in fishing as well as acquiring other life-long practices. Fishing experiences encourage problem-solving and decision-making

Canadian Tire

skills, help children develop self-esteem and a respect for nature and the environment. For these reasons, Canadian Tire and our Associate Dealers across Ontario are pleased to support a program that helps get kids started on the right foot with recreational activities.

Bruce ChapmanBruce Chapman, President

The Police Association of Ontario (PAO) was founded in 1933 and is the official voice and representative body for Ontario’s front-line police personnel. Our membership consists of over 18,000 police and civilian members from every municipal police association and the Ontario Provincial Police Association. The PAO promotes the mutual interests of Ontario’s front-line police personnel in order to uphold the honour of the police profession and elevate the standards of police services.

The PAO and its affiliates across this province have a long history of community support and involvement. Police Association of Ontario LogoWhether through the work of our individual members or through the efforts of a local police association, many charities, minor sports programs and assistance programs for people of all ages, have benefited from our efforts. The PAO believes that our “Kids and Cops and Canadian Tire Fishing Days” is another example of this community spirit. In 2003 we partnered with Fishing Forever, a non-profit organization, whose principal focus is recreational fisheries conservation and securing the future of fishing in Ontario. The PAO has committed over two hundred thousand dollars to this program and to date have taken thousands of young people fishing for the day with police personnel. The PAO was honoured in 2005 with the Rick Amsbury Memorial Award for its contribution to fishing and youth in Ontario.