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Fishing Encyclopedia

Bag Limit

The maximum number of fish that can be taken from a particular lake. Always check the limit with your local branch of the MNR.

Barbless Hooks

A fishing hook that does not have any little “points” on it. This allows the fish to be released more quickly, which increases their chance of survival.


A plastic or wooden float that attaches to your fishing line above the hook and bait. When a fish begins to nibble at your bait the bobber will wiggle and perhaps be pulled under water to signal that you have a bite.


A type of lure that has a lip on the front of it. The bigger the lip, the deeper it dives into the water.


The device on a reel that controls how easily the line can be pulled off of the reel. Set it tight for catching big fish with heavy line, and loose for catching small fish with light line.


An electronic device used to read the bottom structure, determine depth, and in some cases actually spot the fish.


A hand-tied artificial lure made of feathers, thread and other materials.

Fly Fishing

A method of fishing that uses a fly, fly rod, and a special type of line.


A long thin lure that is used by pulling the lure through the water with quick short tugs with the rod.


A small artificial lure that is usually tipped with live bait or soft bait imitations.

Line Guides

The rings on a rod that the fishing line passes through.


A compartment in a boat designed to keep fish alive.


An artificial bait that is used to catch fish. They come in many shapes, sizes, and colours, and are made of different materials. Many lures today even have scent on them to help attract the fish.


A small weight positioned on your fishing line to allow your bait to sink in the water after you cast. Split shot sinkers and rubber core sinkers are the most popular types of weights for young anglers.

Snap Swivel

A small safety pin like device that makes it easy to change lures.

Spincast Reel

A reel that is mounted on the top of a rod that has the fishing line completely encased in side of it. The thumb button on the back of the reel allows you to release the line for easy casting.

Spinning Reel

A reel that is mounted below the rod, which has an open spool of line. It also has a big metal arm in front of the reel, called the bail, which wraps the fishing line evenly around the spool.


A type of artificial lure that consists of one or two rotating blades and a safety-pin style shaft.

Tackle Box

A plastic or metal “tool” box that keeps all your bobbers, weights, lures, pliers and other fishing gear organized and neat.

Texas Rig

A method of securing a hook to a soft bait that makes the it weedless. The point of the hook is buried in the bait.

Trailer Hook

An extra hook that is added to a single-hook lure, such as a spinnerbait.


A method of fishing by which you travel very slowly in your boat and the lures on the rods are towed behind the boat.